SSAF: Proposal for Honorarium Payment to UNESA President; Feedback required; details

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ssaflogoEve Gavel (Project Manager, Student Services and Amenities Fee Initiative) has asked us to seek your feedback on this initiative (please provide feedback as per the contact details below):

“Student Services and Amenities Fee Committee proposal for an honorarium payment to the UNESA President: At most Australian Universities, an honorarium payment is given to student association presidents, and in some cases extends to vice presidents and other office bearers.  An honorarium is an amount of money someone receives for work that would not normally be paid or which is not a normal part of their job.   The payment is considered important because student officer bearers cannot engage in full time study nor part time work to support themselves, as they are devoting a great deal of time and energy to student affairs.

These affairs include high level student representation at both the university, regional and national level; coordinating a large number of services and facilities (eg., health and welfare activities, student advocacy services, bookshops and student radio and newspaper functions); and generally working to improve the overall student experience.  It is also recognized that honoraria improve the opportunity for more students from lower SES backgrounds to participate in student representation.

The Student Services and Amenities Fee Committee (SSAFC),  at its meeting on Thursday 1 May, recommended an allocation of $25,000 per annum as an honorarium payment for the UNESA President, commencing from the election of the UNESA President to the first term of representation in July 2013.  Committee members considered the wide range of honoraria arrangements, and their rationale, at Australian universities when discussing this initiative.

 Your feedback on this SSAF allocation is sought.  Please forward your comments to the SSAF Committee Chairperson, Ms Michelle Clarke at,  by Wednesday, 4 June.  Thank you.”










Kind regards,




Eve Gavel
Project Manager

Student Services and Amenities Fee Initiative

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4 Responses to SSAF: Proposal for Honorarium Payment to UNESA President; Feedback required; details

  1. The amount proposed is acceptable for president and vice president. I propose vice to get at least 30% of that amount

  2. chris hoare says:

    I consider the proposal to be excessive- that figure $25 000 is an income for many people and would make a mockery of low-income people’s efforts to pay rent, pay for food, transport etc. If the position is a job then so be it. Next time around people can apply for the job. Even distributed amongst the executive- is that what students really want their fees to go towards?
    By all means assist with travel costs.
    The position would seem to allow students to enter a political stance because they feel the need for that sort of service.
    There are 2 parts to the proposal and the 2nd was to make the payment retrospective (for this president) to July 2013. A bit cheeky!
    No doubt the president (name eludes me) works hard on student behalf, but apart from some initial comments very early on, there has been very little communication of decisions made or proposals for students to consider, or to indicate the executive is indeed active at all.

  3. Georgina Facchetti says:

    That is a huge excessive sum of money for a position that has been elected! The position that the president holds is one that is carried out voluntarily for their university as well as the benefits that it gives them on their CV. To say that the President of the SSAF fund committee is paid $25000 per year compltetly disregards every single other person at this university who is contributing, what about paying the staff at Blue shirts, or Tune FM, or contributing towards the Presidents of every other society on campus? Just because you are on the UNESA committee does not mean that your contribution towards this university is worth more? Certainly not $25 000 more!
    I pay my SSAF fee to go towards a better university not so the President can have a salary.

  4. kate says:

    Hi all
    i submitted a response to the SSAFC by the deadline. My response to the proposal I think reflects a number of concerns not the least retrospectivity, but also the actual representation of external students- the latter a real issue as far as I am concerned.

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