THE VIBE – WEEK 4: Your Weekly Top 5; summary & links to resources; details

Published On March 17, 2014 | By ED | News

Your Top 5 Thoughts (based on input into the Vibe in myUNE) this week:

  1. Congratulations: The autumn Graduation Ceremonies start this coming Friday – it’s an amazing time! If you haven’t seen the Ceremony make sure you go and have a look (on the beautiful lawns of Booloominbah). And if you can’t get there. here’s a 30 second time lapse we shot of the 2 hour ceremony in 2011:
  2. ReachOut: A great organisation helping under 25s deal with tough times. There’s loads of resources over at their website
  3. Annoyed: If you’re annoyed with an aspect of your studies, there’s a couple of things you can do: (a) Use your emoticons in myStudy and we’ll be in contact within 24 hours; (b) Raise the issue with your Unit Coord (if it’s an academic issue); (c) Make a Complaint via the Student Grievance Unit (formerly Service Quality Unit). And here’s a full (downloadable summary of all the feedback mechanisms and how they work – Feedback #101.
  4. Rollerderby: If you have to be here (of close by) make you check out or get involved (looks and sounds like great fun!):
  5. Study: A lucky last is the reason we’re all here … study! It’s week 4 so we’re guessing assignments are starting to m0unt up. Make sure you plan your time effectively and get the marks you deserve (and if you need help, Academic Skills Office is your go to organisation along with the amazing Library staff)

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2 Responses to THE VIBE – WEEK 4: Your Weekly Top 5; summary & links to resources; details

  1. Jessie Shaw says:

    I used the emoticons and its been over a week and no one has contacted me. If the same thing has happened to others no wonder “annoyed” is such a popular word!

    • ED says:

      Hi Jessie,

      We were in contact 26/2 and again on 12/3 regarding that Unit (which means your unhappy emoticon was registered but we didn’t send a response as we’re trying not to spam people we’re already in contact with). But I’ll send you the emoticon followup email right now 🙂

      Ed – Student Support Team

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