INTENSIVE SCHOOL(S): Free Airport & Train transfers + local bus travel; Via SSAF; details

Published On August 5, 2013 | By ED | Intensive Schools

ssaflogoIntensive Schools Transport Services – AIRPORT/TRAIN TRANSFERS
Start: Friday 16 Aug (pm service only) End: Sunday 01 Sept (am service only)

  • Outbound – A.M UNE Colleges and Town to Armidale Railway Station and Airport: (In time for 9.00 a.m. train departure and 9.50 a.m. flight departure): 7.50 am – Drummond & Smith / 7.55 am – St Alberts / 8.00 am – Robb & Earle Page / 8.05 am – Austin / 8.10 am – Duval / 8.15 am – Mary White / 8.20 am – Wright Village / 8.30 am – Armidale Post Office
  • Inbound – P.M Armidale Airport and Railway Station to UNE Colleges and Town: Airport: 4.40 p.m. flight arrival – transport students to town (Armidale Post Office) and UNE colleges; Train: 6.00 p.m. train arrival – transport students to town (Armidale Post Office) and UNE colleges

UNE-TOWN SUBSIDISED BUS TRAVEL – Free travel on the 481/482 service

Start: Saturday 17 Aug End: Sunday 31 Aug Schedule: As per Edwards Coaches existing services (see below). Additions: Provision of a Sunday bus (Replicating Saturday schedule) within the period to fill service gap. Instructions: Simply show a valid UNE Student ID card to the driver.

Download the full info sheet (including route map) here.

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19 Responses to INTENSIVE SCHOOL(S): Free Airport & Train transfers + local bus travel; Via SSAF; details

  1. david robertson says:

    who pays foe this free service?

    • ED says:

      Hi David

      If you’d like to have your say on how the SSAF is spent make sure you join UNESA – your Student Association. They’re working on a new web site but in the meantime, join their page on Facebook:

      Ed – Student Support TEam

    • Silvia Kutle says:

      Dear Student Support Team, just to let you know that the rest of us appreciate the benefits provided by the SSAF.

      I’ve already enjoyed the opportunity to use the free shuttle services in and out of the intensives, the free library book postage for we externals, and I’m looking forward to that BBQ when I come in for the next intensive.

      Cheers and keep up the good work.

  2. Penny says:

    Hi there,
    just wanted to let you know that I was very grateful for the shuttle bus service last time I came to an Intensive school. Intensives are expensive enough; not having to find a taxi at the end of a long day of travel was much appreciated.

  3. Elizabeth says:


    I was just wondering how we go about taking advantage of the transfer from the train station? I will be on the 6pm train on the 16th, do I just look for a bus around the station? I’m also an external student coming up for the first time, so I’m picking up my UNE student card on campus, so unfortunately I’ll have nothing to present to the bus driver?

    Thanks! 🙂

    • ED says:

      Hi Elizabeth,

      No problems – just tell the driver you’re headed for UNE and all will be OK (they’ll be waiting at the station for you).


  4. Kate says:


    Just wanting to know what the best way of getting to and from the airport to campus would be as I’m arriving on Saturday morning and leaving middle of the day, so looks like no shuttle service? Are there other buses that run from the airport?


    • ED says:

      Hi Kate

      Probably best to grab a cab – but ask around, there’s bound to be other UNE people on the flight and most are very happy to share 🙂

      Ed – Student Support Team

  5. Christine says:

    Hi. I am arriving on sat 17 at 9.25 am on the flight from sydney. Will there be a bus to the uni to meet this flight? Thanks Christine

  6. ED says:

    I believe so Christine 🙂

    Ed – Student Support Team

    • Kate says:

      Oh, I’m arriving on the same flight but I thought you said there was no bus? Oh well I guess will figure it out on arrival!

      • ED says:

        I had another read Kate and I’m assuming that if the bus is dropping students off at that time they will do a pickup as well. I’m seeking clarification 🙂


  7. Ben says:

    What about the people whose intensive schools are outside the dates listed? I arrive sunday 1st in the afternoon and have to leave 3rd sep….

    • ED says:

      Hi Ben

      I don’t think buses are running outside the official Intensive School dates (but other services are i.e. SportUNE entry etc). If you’d like to provide feedback you can shoot an email through to the Student Association (UNESA) via

      Ed – Student Support Team

  8. Lucy says:

    I am arriving on the 13:20 plane on Tuesday. I had a look on the bus timetable and it says that 482 is at 13:20. Silly question, will I be able to catch that bus? Or does that mean that it departs the airport at 13:20 in which case I will miss it?

  9. Kendall says:

    I just paid for the town to une bus, I haven’t all weekend though : / I’m really confused

    • ED says:

      Morning Kendall,

      That shouldn’t happen – I’ve raised it with the folks who are looking after the Intensive School transport who will raise it with the bus company.


  10. Wendy says:

    Hi all,

    I was just wondering if you guys would be able to give me some helpful information. I am due to start a graduate diploma in health and social care at the start of next year. I was wondering how far in advance do you have to book to gain accommodation at the Mary White College for the intensive schools? As my Intensive class timetable is not going to be released until October.

    Thanks for the help

    Kind regards


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