INTENSIVE SCHOOL(S): Things you need to know/do for August Schools; details

Published On July 30, 2013 | By ED | Intensive Schools

August Intensive Schools kick off again in just three (at the time of writing), so here’s our list of things you need to know if this is your first time on campus. Hit us up in the comments if there’s something you’d like to know that we missed …

  1. Accommodation: You have two options, stay on campus in one of the colleges (On Campus Accommodation page for Intensive Schools) or staying in town (go here for info and bookings)
  2. Maps: Grab your maps here (Whole campus mapAcademic Area mapand town map). We’ve also put together a custom Google map which should help you find your way around (if we’ve missed anything let us know via comments on this post) – click here for the Student Support Team’s Google Map.
  3. Buses: Edwards Coaches is the local provider so go here for the timetable and here for the latest bus route map.
  4. IT: Here’s all the info you need to get access to the high speed UNE network while you’re here (and yes you can arrange it before you leave home – Wired version and Wireless Version). FYI, some College Rooms (due to building materials) do not receive good quality wireless signal so make sure you throw an ethernet cable in your bag before you leave.
  5. Library: No doubt you’ll be using the Library while you’re here. Here’s the opening hours and here’s how to print and photocopy when you get here (Youtube video).
  6. ID Cards: You’ll need a student ID card – if you haven’t sorted yours out yet, head on over to the ID Cards site. And rather then getting them to send it to you, ask them to hold it and pick it up when you get here.
  7. Student Central: If you’d like to talk to one of the staff about your degree, Unit selection, options, changes etc etc, drop into Dixson Library and have a chat to the Student Centre and book an appointment. The Enrolment and Progression Team will be on hand for after lecture meetings.
  8. Parking: Will be free for students attending Intensives but you MUST get a Blue ticket from Safety and Security first.  The official information is here (and make sure you have a read) but in a nutshell, to use the free parking option:
    • Students will need to pick up a temporary Blue parking sticker from Safety and Security
    • Park in one of the blue bays & Display the sticker while on campus
    • You will need a Student ID Card (but you can pick that up at the same time as your Blue sticker if you’re organised – get your Student ID here:
  9. Mobile Phones: Coverage is pretty good all over campus but if you’re a Telstra customer you’re well served with a tower right next to campus.
  10. Food & Drinks: You have three options – Campus Essentials (which includes the newsagent and Australia post); Delicafe in the northern courtyard and Booloominbah.
  11. Flexi-teller: There’s two on campus (Commonwealth and CashCard atm) located near Safety & Security (click here for the map).

We’ve also been told unofficially that free Train/Airport transfers will be operating (and we’re checking if SportUNE are again offering free membership for off-campus students attending intensives) and we’ll update this post as that information arrives.

What else do you need to know? Let us know via Comments and we’ll add the details to the list.

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3 Responses to INTENSIVE SCHOOL(S): Things you need to know/do for August Schools; details

  1. Alan Snow says:

    Parking during Intensive>
    Looking at the times the offices are open, we will not be able to get a blue permit before lectures start at 8.30.
    Can you find a way around this problem because I do not want a fine on day 1 simply because the office did not open early enough for me to get a permit before my first lecture began?
    Couldn’t we do this online somehow, or be mailed a permit?

    • ED says:

      Hi Alan

      Safety and Security is open 24/7 so organising your permit before lectures shouldn’t be a problem. If you’d like to have a chat, contact Security on 02 6773 2099.

      Ed – Student Support Team

  2. Heather says:


    Just checking if you are doing an app this intensive period?

    Thanks for all the info you have provided to date.


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