ELECTIONS 2012: Nominees announced; voting starts Monday

Published On July 20, 2012 | By ED | News

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4 Responses to ELECTIONS 2012: Nominees announced; voting starts Monday

  1. gschlute says:

    Why is my name missing from the list of nominees? I put my application in on time, not to mention I have been asking for a timeframe for the election date for over 2 months now yet no one was willing to get back to me. Really you need someone in charge who as Exective mangerial experience in a national business not to mention their desire to actually help people.
    Well done David regardless of the out come I intend to help anyone at the uni who asks for it.

  2. Ilker says:

    I’d entered the “Where you study” competition in Trimester one; who won? Was there an announcement? Any runner up prizes 🙂


  3. Ilker says:

    silly me, thought it was a “contact us” form lol
    anyway, have a nice election…hopefully we can abolish the redundant and capitalistic ‘intensive’ school, whomever wins.

  4. G says:

    Abolish the need for paid parking now that there is a services fee all students MUST pay.

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