COMMONWEALTH ASSISTANCE NOTICE: In your inbox; deadline now May 25; details

Published On May 11, 2012 | By ED | News

From the Director of Student Administration and Services, Greg Balcombe: “Notification of the Commonwealth Assistance Notice (CAN) arrived late into student email inboxes (yesterday) – Student Accounts will honour the 14 day dispute period, so the new deadline will be May 25”.

So folks, go and check your Commonwealth Assistance Notice today and if you have a problem, get in contact with Student Finance via AskUNE asap. NOTE: It is the notification only – check myUNE > myEnrol >Commonwealth Assistance Notice for the actual statement.

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8 Responses to COMMONWEALTH ASSISTANCE NOTICE: In your inbox; deadline now May 25; details

  1. Ene says:

    I dont understand the importance of the commenwealth assistance notice? is it like HECs in the sense of that its something we need to pay?

  2. Tori says:

    I’m confused as well, I don’t quite understand if it’s something we need to pay or not…

    Anyone have any advice?

  3. Steph says:

    Hey people,

    From what i understand – Commonwealth Assistance is where the government pays for your tution fees over the period of your course.

    Once you have graduated and start earning over a certain amount of wages, the government will deduct an amount fortnightly from your account including interest until the debt is paid off.

    For more information visit the government website 🙂

    Hope this helps!

  4. Aaron says:


    How many current Australian University students realise that in the late 70s and early 80s, university tuition was in fact FEE FREE in Australia.

    That’s right: nil/nada/nothing.

    So next time an age demographic with a degree gained in Australia (pre-early1980s/all1970s/beyond) tells you to toughen up and cut back whilst you’re a student, anyone (regardless of generation) studying now has a rational economic argument to produce regarding the paradigm shift in mainstream government policy (during the late70s/early80s in Australia) towards making current students pay.

    And yes Steph above is correct.


    • Jenny says:

      Hi Aaron
      As recipients of a Commonwealth Scholarships back then yes
      it was easier that we didn’t pay back the degree. As parents of three Uni students we are more than aware of the costs associated with the changing paradigm.
      In fact, if it wasn’t for the free degrees ( books, student costs ,accommodation,
      travel weren’t covered) I wouldn’t be having this discussion.
      Sorry that you’re being told to toughen up because we as baby boomers
      do know the reality and have paid for our first degrees many times over

      Warm regards

  5. Karryn says:

    so the commonwealth assistance forms that need to be in may 25th.. is that for the 2nd trimester new students? and is that the HECS form? urrgh I’m confused someone help? thanks

    • Katrina says:

      The Commonwealth Assistance Notice is not the form and is not an invoice for payment. It is simply a notice of your debt for T1 units and if you have any liability to be sent to the ATO as a hecs debt. If there are any errors on the notice then you have unitl 25th May to contact Student Accounts in writing through AskUne to fix any errors on the statement. If you have completed a Commonwealth Assistance Form for your current degree then you are not require to complete another form. If you wish to change your payment option you can contact Student Accounts and the staff can advise how to do this.
      I hope this helps

  6. Rebecca says:

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