TEXTBOOKS: Trimester 1 texts posted to UCB site; new site coming soon; details

Published On November 28, 2011 | By ED | News

Just had a very quick chat to Steph who looks after United Campus Bookshop (UCB) and … Trimester 1 2012 texts have been posted and UCB will have a new website that is due to be up before Christmas (hopefully) so students will be able to complete your text payment online, meaning:

  • UCB can ship your order quickly and inform you via email when your text were sent with an Aussie Post tracking number.
  • The text stock will be allocated to your order the minute you complete your order, so you won’t miss out.
  • The website will be more dynamic, with pics of your text and with the ability to visually browse our entire catalogue. You will see much more information per book and will have the ability to buy eBooks as the lecturer sets them.

Head on over to their site via http://ucb.net.au/home_une.htm. And here’s a quick video tutorial on how to use the site: http://youtu.be/QtD9SXrlEWc

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5 Responses to TEXTBOOKS: Trimester 1 texts posted to UCB site; new site coming soon; details

  1. David says:

    UNE Book-shop seriously needs to sharpen its pencil…not just on the price front, but also the service side of things. I purchased my textbooks from an online book store today (it allows search by ISBN so I know I have the correct books), and not only did I save $50 on the UNE book shop ‘student price’, I qualified for free postage. The cherry on top is the fact that my books will arrive before Xmas – not something UNE’s book shop can guarantee!

  2. Ebony says:

    If I go into the Course and Unit Information and look up my units for 2012, it says that text information will be provided closer to commencement of the trimester. If I search the units at the UNE bookshop, it does advise which text applies. Am I okay to order or is this based on 2011 units?

  3. Mel says:

    Glad you asked that question Ebony – I was wanting to know that exact same thing 🙂

  4. Kylie says:

    Hi Everyone,

    I have some Education text booksfor sale if anyone is interested. I live in Wagga (You can pick them up if your near by) or i can post them if you pay the cost of the postage, I can also take them to Sydney I do have a couple of friends there if u want to pick them up in Syd,

    My email is kylie_gaynor@hotmail.com

  5. UCB is informed of stock that they are required to order in, from Overseas and Nationally, when lecturers decide in late November what they will be teaching in the next Trimester. All stock is then ordered and will take time to arrive. If you choose to order directly from overseas, that is fine and it is your risk in terms of time and costs. We now offer free postage worldwide. If students choose to start their study before the semester starts, we endevour to fulfill thier needs but we can only do so much! We are aiming for a one day turnaround with our new system in place and are currently achieveing this in the New Year, for what is in stock. Please also be aware some text ( a select few) are still to be published, our website will tell you whether stock is in or not now. We are hoping to be able to tell you dates soon. Sharp enough?

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