UNE: New TV ads are live; What do you think?

Published On October 12, 2010 | By ED | News

The folks over at UNE Marketing just let us know the new TV ads have gone live … here they are. Let us know what you think via comments:

And the 60 second version …

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17 Responses to UNE: New TV ads are live; What do you think?

  1. Ian says:

    i think they are great , really catchy
    but were they not on V music channel a while ago ?

  2. Mary Rofe says:

    Catchy, visually appealing, perhaps a male version as well or better still a team version with both sexes equally represented?

  3. Deirdre says:

    Have you considered that this could be false advertising? This is my fourth rear of distance education with UNE and that easy relationship with the lecturing staff has been the exception rather than the rule(.say, 2 out of 14)

  4. Mat says:

    I get embarrassed when the “little boxes” adverts come on the television and change channels. It (UNE) is trying to be cool and hip but failing miserably, sort of like when you were 14 and your parents tried to be “cool” by pretending they liked Nirvana, in the hope that they could relate to you more.
    Don’t get me wrong I love UNE and am really enjoying my degree but the new adverts are crap.

  5. Sally says:

    Definately like them, I think the value of the UNE distance ed really needs to be pushed; its something I think wowed me the most about UNE, the real extent the lecturers go to to assist each individual student, in addition to all the extra support of workshops and cousellor availability which we can still access in Res school periods. Its something I don’t think any other university I’ve encountered or heard of comes close to.
    Perhaps in the future an ad which really ellucidates the possibilities of UNE degrees? … I started as an on campus student, moved off campus for personal reasons, living first in Sydney working and studying full time, and now in France; it really impresses people how flexible the degree is. And additionally, no where in France, the UK, or in my experience, Australia offers such an opportunity to mix and match degrees; im currently doing Biotech, Asian Studies and Linguistics – I think these aspects are what really set UNE apart and it wouldn’t hurt for an advert to be more explicit about it..

  6. Mat says:

    Sorry all, I should add to my earlier comment by saying that the new little boxes adverts are a hell of a lot better than the old little boxes ones!

    The message in the song of “they all went to the same (i am assuming local) university and all came out just the same” is good however the use of “ticky tacky” and the fact that it is using a song to young/youngish people is trying waaaay too hard to be cool.

  7. Iain says:

    One step forward with the ad campaign for 2011 is the logo isn’t in a little box. The old ad suffered this semiotic mismatch or maybe it was marketing genius to pull out ‘we are different but the same’ nonsense clanger so people remember the brand. Like Dodo – the internet that flies.

  8. Nat says:

    Has no one ever noticed/mentioned/considered the fact that the “little boxes” song is also the theme song for the US TV show “Weeds” sympathetically revolving about a family drug-selling “business”… just saying! Great connection and “research” well done!

  9. LQ says:

    I hate the “little boxes” ads. One would think that a university that is supposed to be innovative and state of the art would find a better theme song. I have to disagree with an earlier comment about difficult academic staff. The 2 humanities staff n the 1 health staff member I’ve encountered have been nothing but helpful. I love the academic staff but the admin staff leave a lot to be desired at times. Another bad move on the part of the uni – the advertising needs some work people. A lot of work…

  10. Chris says:

    Not terrible, a better effort than the new UNE logo, but I really question the use of the music, I immediately associated it with the TV show Weeds. I definitely agree with those above who have said UNE are trying too hard to be cool and aren’t quite pulling it off.

  11. Chrus says:

    I too have the impression that UNE are trying a little too hard to be cool, still it’s an improvement over the previous attempt. Now all they need to do is get rid of/change the new logo.

  12. Melissa says:

    Who sings this version of little boxes on the UNE ad?

  13. B says:

    Not a fan at all. Whilst it is pretty catchy, I dont really understand why the hell this song was chosen to represent UNE?

    “And they all look the the same”

    “made of ticky-tacky”

    It a) has really does not represent UNE at all in any good light (though it vaguely relates to uni, it does so in a boring/non creative way) and b) gives out the wrong impression completely. Who wants to hear that they are going to a uni where they are going to be seen as ‘All the same”. I know UNE aren’t saying that, but the song does, and whilst the visual elements says different, the song is catchy enough that these certain words and phrases associate with people instantly after a few listens/times seeing the ad.

  14. Mike T says:

    I find the ads extremely annoying, having just completed a vastly under-resourced unit at UNE, and after over 30 units at UNE over 20 years or so. Sometimes it’s difficult to get a unit co-ordinator to reply to an email (not always their fault, if they have literally hundreds of external students to supervise, over multiple units) so the scene with a “professor” personally telephoning a student is laughable and ludicrous. Perhaps if the “student” (in reality an actor, of course) was one of 6 students in a post-grad award, that might happen, but an undergraduate? Ha ha. As others have said, UNE is trying to be “cool and hip” and failing miserably, and I’d rather see the money put into student resources- for the ones they already have.

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  17. Diana says:

    That Ad is a sad one. It sounds like a mother who is dying and is videoing her thoughts and dreams to her daughter for when she is of age to understand .
    VMy husband recently lost his father and that was hard. So really hate to think what it be like to a child in that situation.

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