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Part of the work the Student Support Team does best  is listening to what students are saying and feeding that info back to the people who make decisions which affect the student experience. But there’s a whole bunch of great ways to get your voice heard which you might have seen but not used. Here’s a quick summary:


Each day the Student Support Team sends an email offering support to anyone who indicates they’re unhappy (or very unhappy with an aspect of your studies). We also use the info to inform Heads of School where a number of students indicate they’re unhappy with a particular Unit (but don’t identify individual students). It’s confidential (the only people who see your unhappy emoticon is the Student Support Team) and we never release your details to anyone without clearing it with you first. 

The Vibe:


The only place you can tell everyone what’s happening is via the Vibe (inside myUNE). It’s a floating wordcloud and the size of the words indicate how many other students have said the same thing. The Student Support Team keeps an eye on what students are saying and your input helps us decide what to post on the Insiders’ Guide. Student data is kept confidential and the only people who see exactly what students are posting is the Student Support Team.

Unit Discontinuation

Each time you drop a Unit, you’re asked to give us feedback about the reason. Again, this data comes to the Student Support Team so we can keep an eye on what’s happening out there in student land. It’s really important that you tell us why you’re dropping a Unit. We can’t help if we don’t know there’s a problem! You student data is confidential and the only people who see what you’re saying is the Student Support Team.

We are listening, we pass your feedback on and it does make a difference! Now go click and emoticon and post an update in the Vibe!

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8 Responses to FEEDBACK: Why it’s important; Who’s listening?; The Vibe; Emoticons; Unit Discontinuation; It’s between you and us

  1. Chris Wood says:

    Yeah … but Emoticon’s doesn’t allow those inbetween type feelings. … Like “I’m feeling stressed” … but because it’s getting towards the end of the semester and there’s still a lot to do. The content of the subject however is great and the lecturers are fantastic so I don’t want to say I’m feeling unhappy with it.

    Wish I had understood this function before for other subjects I had REALLY felt unhappy in. I’d just ignored it because I didn’t understand how it worked.

    • ED says:

      Thanks for the feedback Chris and that’s exactly why the Vibe is important to us – it allows those inbetween type of feelings. Ed – Student Support Team.

  2. kenn clift says:

    no matter what I write on the vibe the word cloud seems to just ignore me- maybe I need to think and feel like “distressed” and “overwhelmed”

    very disappointing

    • ED says:

      Hi Ken, Your comment from yesterday is in there somewhere – saw it on the Vibe report but it will be small as from memory, you’re the only student so far who’s used that particular word. Ed – Student Support Team

  3. kenn clift says:

    0h – so that’s what emoticons are for, if only I’d known earlier

  4. ha says:

    i’m happy with my study, thanks

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