STUDENT SUPPORT: ‘The Vibe’; new feedback tool in myUNE

Published On March 31, 2010 | By ED | News

I’ll post more on this tomorrow but today we launched ‘The Vibe‘ (in honour of the aussie movie ‘The Castle’). It’s the new tool from the Student Support Team for you, as students, to give feedback. Here’s a quick video on how it works … check out the vid then log into myUNE and tell us what’s going on.

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8 Responses to STUDENT SUPPORT: ‘The Vibe’; new feedback tool in myUNE

  1. Jane says:

    Cool though it is – I am wondering why???

    • ED says:

      We’re serious about student feedback and this was one of the ways we came up with to allow other students to see what the feelings of the student base is …

      Ed – Student Support Team

  2. Katie says:

    Interesting. Does Student support get the comments we write in or just the key words?

    How will you be using the information?

    I do like it, its new and different and it shows that UNE is interested in its students.

    Thanks. I love how UNE are always improving showing us that we are not just numbers on a system 🙂


    • ED says:

      Hi Katie,

      The Student Support Team (Frances, Blake and I) will see the full comments on a daily basis and we’ll be contacting students we’re worried about to offer support. But as per the E-motion stuff, that’s confidential between our team and the individual student and we’d never release this info without clearing it with you first. We’re pretty excited about it as it’s the only way (currently) that students can see what other students are saying/feeling/experiencing with their studies!

      Ed – Student Support Team

  3. Katie says:

    lol, I should have written ‘long time reader, first time commenter’

    Happy Easter everyone!

  4. Jane says:

    What is the information going to be used for? I am just curious. I have spent a fair amount of my study weekend so far seeing if I can get my word bigger – and very successfully. So I am sure that others are doing the same. I actually have found it yet another distraction. I would prefer if we had the option to get rid of it on our page if we wanted to and then only students who wanted to use it had to.

    • ED says:

      Hi Jane,

      Thanks for the feedback – I think some students might have thought it an elaborate April Fools joke but that’s certainly not the case. We’re extremely interested in student feedback and there’s no where else inside the myUNE portal for students to give and look at other student’s experiences and what they’re feeling. We’re also looking at customisation options for the portal but no decisions yet! As far as who sees the info – the Student Support Team are the only ones who will be able to match up students with their comments but – as per the Emotions Beta inside myStudy, it’s confidential between members of our team and the individual students (unless we clear it with you first).

      Ed – Student Support Team

      Ed – Student Support Team

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