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Get a sneak peek! The Virtual Careers Fair will be in “preview mode ” from Monday 22 March – check out the employers, the new look and lots more! To participate visit and click on ‘Register Now’ under ‘Students’.
Virtual Careers Fair – new virtual platform! Australasia’s online meeting place for employers and students. Find jobs, meet employers and perfect your job-hunting skills online!


  • Check out which employers are exhibiting.
  • Confirm when employers of interest will be staffing their booth – just check the ‘Announcements’ area on their booth.
  • Visit the Conference Centre to register for chats of interest.
  • Visit the Resource Library to download career information.

STARTS MONDAY! Your chance to win daily prizes – Complete our daily surveys & interview quizzes in the Expo Foyer.

The VCF goes “LIVE” Monday 29 – Wednesday 31 March – This is when employers will staff their booth and group chats take place.
To take part register for free at

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