ORIENTATION 2010: Custom Timetables for new students

Published On January 25, 2010 | By ED | News

Thanks to Rachel & Jason from the Timetabling Team at the Student Centre we’ve posted custom timetables for new Undergrad students attending Orientation … here’a quick video tutorial on how to get your timetable:

So hop along to the Timetable for Units part of the System and search for your timetable just like this:


And here’s how you know which timetable to search ….

  • Students enrolled in Education programs including: Bachelor of Education; Bachelor of Education (Primary); Bachelor of Education (Primary) with Honours; Bachelor of Education with Honours; Bachelor of Teaching; Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Teaching; Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Teaching; Bachelor of Information Technology/Bachelor of Teaching; Bachelor of Mathematics/Bachelor of Teaching; Bachelor of Music/Bachelor of Teaching; Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Teaching; Bachelor of Teaching (Early Childhood Education; Graduate Diploma of Education – search for ‘Orientation Education’.
  • Students enrolled in Arts and Humanities programs including: Advanced Diploma in Arts; Advanced Diploma in Local, Family and Applied History; Diploma in Indigenous Archaeology; Diploma in Modern Languages; Diploma in Town Planning; Bachelor of Archaeology with Honours; Bachelor of Arts; Bachelor of Arts with Honours; Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business; Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Laws; Bachelor of Indigenous Studies; Bachelor of International Studies; Bachelor of Communication Studies; Bachelor of Criminology; Bachelor of Languages; Bachelor of Languages and International Business; Bachelor of Music; Bachelor of Psychological Science; Bachelor of Psychology with Honours; Bachelor of Social Science; Bachelor of Social Science with Honours; Bachelor of Theatre Studies; Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning – search for Orientation Arts and Humanities.
  • Students enrolled in Health programs including: Bachelor of Nursing; Bachelor of Social Work – search for ‘Orientation Nursing’.
  • Students enrolled in Science programs including: Advanced Diploma in Agriculture; Advanced Diploma in The Sciences; Diploma in Agriculture; Diploma in The Sciences.Bachelor of Agriculture; Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Business; Bachelor of Agriculture/Bachelor of Laws; Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science; Bachelor of Biomedical Science; Bachelor of Computer Science; Bachelor of Computer Science/Bachelor of Laws; Bachelor of Engineering Technology; Bachelor of Environmental Science; ; Bachelor of Environmental Science/Bachelor of Laws; Bachelor of Geoscience; Bachelor of Livestock Science;; Bachelor of Marine Science and Management; Bachelor of Natural Resources; Bachelor of Natural Resources/Bachelor of Urban and Regional Planning; Bachelor of Rural Science; Bachelor of Science; Bachelor of Advanced Science with Honours; Bachelor of Science/Bachelor of Laws; Bachelor of Pharmacy; Bachelor of Exercise Physiology; Bachelor of Exercise Science; Bachelor of Sports Science; Bachelor of Zoology – search for ‘Orientation Sciences’.
  • Students enrolled in Business, Economics & Public Policy programs including: Bachelor of Agribusiness; Bachelor of Agribusiness with Honours; Bachelor of Agricultural and Resource Economics; Bachelor of Business; Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Economics; Bachelor of Business/Bachelor of Laws; Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting); Bachelor of Economics; Bachelor of Economics with Honours; Bachelor of Economics/Bachelor of Laws; Bachelor of Financial Administration; Bachelor of Financial Administration/Bachelor of Laws; Diploma of Commerce – search for Orientation BEPP.
  • Students enrolled in Law and combined Law Programs search for ‘Orientation Law’
  • Students enrolled in the Joint Medical Program (i.e. Medicine) search for Orientation  Rural Medicine.

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