BRISBANE: Student catchup; TONIGHT @ 7.30pm (Dec 7)

Published On December 2, 2009 | By ED | News

Part of the Student Support Team (i.e. Ed and his boss Rhonda) and a few of the Student Assist staff are in Brisbane this coming week for a conference – any students in Brisbane want to catch up for a little Chrissy celebration/End of Semester get together? We thought we might meet at the Victory Hotel (map) at 7.30pm. Let us know via comments (or email) if you’re interested.

UPDATE: Any new students in Brissy who’d like to attend are welcome!

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7 Responses to BRISBANE: Student catchup; TONIGHT @ 7.30pm (Dec 7)

  1. Andrea Trubody says:

    Would love to, but I have to work…..sorry

  2. ED says:

    Hi Andrea … know any other students in Brisbane? We’re keen to have a relaxed chat about what the last 12 months has been like as a student, what were the gripes, what we can fix etc etc.

    Ed – Student Support Team

  3. Antonia Staff says:

    What a great idea but unfortunatly I am working. Is there a student support team permanently in Brisbane or a group of people who meet to offer support and encouragement?

  4. ED says:

    Hi Antonia,

    We just happen to be in Brisbane and thought it was a good opportunity to catch up. I’m not sure if there’s a Brisbane group or not but one of the things we’re exploring for 2010 is forums on this site to allow students to set up that very thing.

    Ed – Student Support Team

  5. Ellen Gibbs says:

    Im on the gold coast. Done the Bach of Education and now bach of teaching with UNE. Been doing it nearly 4 years

  6. Warren Smith says:

    Hi – one subject next year to complete the Mast of Commerce (Prof Accounting). Wish the timing was better – exam on the 8th.

  7. Jasmin Lear says:

    Hi would love too have an exam tomorrow dont think it would be the best of ideas to go to the VIC lol.

    But would be interested in such group meetings for 2010 but maybe email is a better way of contact for such things.

    I rarely read these things on myune 🙂

    Maybe we could set up student groups in each city which is facilitated by the uni?


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