EXAMS: Workshops ‘Gearing Up for Exams’; on campus only

Published On September 29, 2009 | By ED | News

From Annette at Student Assist: “The word “exam” unfortunately can conjure up a sense of dread or fear in people. Many students convince themselves that exams are something to be feared: that exams are an ordeal to be endured and hopefully survived; that one emerges at the other end of an exam breathing a sigh of relief that the ordeal is over.

The good news is that exams needn’t trigger your body into a full on fight or flight stress response but rather can be an opportunity for you to become appropriately alert, aroused, ready to demonstrate to yourself and your examiner all that you know about your topic of study.

Lunchtime Seminars: 1 to 2pm every Wednesday from October 14th – November 4th
Learning Commons room PBLJ, Ground Floor Dixon Library.”

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  1. sally crane says:

    would it be possible for a workshop to run at an alternative time for people with classes at this time? even if its only just a one off?

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