About the project

Welcome to the blog about Sexual Well-Being and Ageing: A study into older Australian women, an ARC funded project lead by Associate Professor Gail Hawkes and Professor Victor Minichiello from The University of New England, and Professor Marian Pitts from the ARCSHS, La Trobe University.

This space is to facilitate discussion around the key themes of the project. The discussion will contribute to our  understanding of the complex relationships between ageism, sexism and sexual subjectivity, and to develop a conceptual framework that advances our understanding of sex and sexuality in older women.

This is the first study of the sexuality of older women to focus on a significant group of women now entering old age: the women who demanded freedom of sexual expression in the swinging sixties. This is a unique historic opportunity to explore the subjective world of the first generation of post-sexual liberation women growing old sexually.

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17 Dec 2012 Images/birthday cards 13 Jan 2013
14 Jan 2013 Negative Social Attitudes towards Ageing 10 Feb 2013
11 Feb 2013 Older Bodies and Feelings 24 Feb 2013
11 March 2013 Sex, Pleasure and Ageing 8 April 2013

In short:
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