For Trimester 3, look out for myLearn, UNE’s upgraded learning management system. myLearn is still based on the Moodle framework we all know and love, but will bring some significant improvements to the “look and feel” of teaching units, including easier navigation and a more consistent layout across unit sites when launched.

To get ready for the change, the current Moodle system will be unavailable
Start: 7:00 pm on Thursday, October 12th
Finish: As soon as possible Friday, October 13th but may remain offline until 5:00 pm

myLearn will be available at (link available from 5pm – 13th Oct 2023 unless advised otherwise). Your old links to “Moodle” ( will still work, as will links via myUNE, but we do recommend you update any bookmark to the new myLearn links.

Find out more information in the Learning Online support site