Major network and systems outage this weekend

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Hi All

Please note, ITD will be undertaking a major outage this Saturday 5th July. ITD will be turning off all power to the ITD and Lamble server rooms meaning that no systems will be available during this time. ITD will also be using this time to perform works in both the Dixson and Homestead Core network cupboards. This means that there will be no network access anywhere on campus.

ITD plans to start work at about 5:00am by turning off all systems in the ITD and Lamble server rooms, the power will be turned off to these rooms at approximately 6:00am. During this time both Homestead and Dixson will also be turned off. It is expected that all power will be off for about 1 hour.

After this time the network will be brought back into operation, after which systems will be brought back up in turn. It is expected that all systems will be operational by 1:00 pm.


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