About Student Consultative Committee (SCC)

Our Team

Our Mission

The SCC works in partnership with the University of New England, bringing the student voice to there forefront of decision making in order to improve institutional engagement and the student experience.

Students are the experts in their experience as a student. We’re dedicated to amplifying your voice. 

Why Partnership?

In the past, students have been simply consulted in regard to University and decision making. However, mere consultation is often tokenistic in nature, with very little clarity about the specific purpose and outcomes of any given student input.

Partnership provides the framework for truly collaborative participation between students and staff in decision making, where a diverse range of ideas and opinions are brought in from the very beginning of processes and considerations. True partnership regards the diverse student voice as an integral part of formulating and developing the brief, as opposed to responding to decisions already made by an institution.

Our Goals and Values:

  • Building effective Student-Staff partnership within the University
  • Engaging and encouraging students to participate in decision making processes at UNE
  • Listening to and representing the whole student body
  • Ensuring the student voice is heard throughout the university
  • Ensuring all elected student representatives are offered quality training to assist them fulfilling the role as a student representative
  • Ensuring we represent the students as best as possible
  • Exploring and developing how we will best represent groups that are ‘hard-to-reach’ to ensure their voice is adequately heard
  • Working in collaboration with academic and professional staff at UNE to achieve agreed goals