QuickSmart Workshop Locations for 2020 – Have Your Say!

We are currently determining the locations for our 2020 QuickSmart Numeracy and Literacy workshops, so our 2020 Locations Poll is now open.

Whether you are interested in starting QuickSmart at your school, training new staff, attending a refresher course or even doing advanced workshops, then please visit https://simerr.une.edu.au/quicksmart/pages/pd-workshops-2020.php and cast your vote!

Voting does not bind you to taking up the program or attending any workshops, but it will give us a much better idea of what kind of workshops to run and where to run them.

As always, please contact quicksmart@une.edu.au or 02 6773 2983 for more information. We look forward to hearing from you!

As of June 2019, the QuickSmart in Schools team are:


  • June Billings: Supervisor
  • Sophie Westermarck: Operations officer
  • Ambrose McDermott: Project officer
  • Karen Goode: Administration assistant
  • Rickesh Shrestha: IT support officer – 02 6773 5061 / quicksmarthelp@une.edu.au


  • Professor John Pegg: Director and co-developer
  • Anne Parnell: Numeracy coordinator (aided by June Billings)
  • Anne Shortis: Literacy coordinator (aided by Lyn Alder, Cathy Jones & Kerry Perrin) (all off-site)
  • Dr Stefan Horarik: Data analyst (off-site)
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