The Importance of a Second Chance: Professor John Pegg @ TEDx

TED, a nonprofit organization devoted to Ideas Worth Spreading, brings people together to share great ideas, spark deep discussion, and opportunities for connection. We have been waiting since August for Professor John Pegg’s TEDx talk to appear on YouTube — and now it has been released.


Visit hear John draw on neuroscience and fundamental ideas from  QuickSmart to discuss this scenario: “Have you ever been in a learning situation where you feel you are not good enough and will never be good enough? Many, many thousands of students in upper primary and lower secondary school confront this issue most days and are caught in a cycle of continued failure. Recent national data suggest this is also true, in more subtle ways, with fundamental numeracy, literacy and problem-solving skills for approximately half the adult population. Without a solid knowledge base in fundamental skills the chances for at-risk learners to become informed and active participants in society are greatly reduced. How do we help these at-risk learners acquire necessary fundamental skills? What is needed in offering learners a second chance that will make a difference?”…john-pegg-tedx/

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