QuickSmart on the Effective Teaching Practices in NSW Schools Website

In another example of the educational impact of QuickSmart, two of the NSW schools featured on the Effective Practices in Literacy and Numeracy website highlight our program as a key initiative underpinning their success.

9 Effective Practices

9 Effective Practices

The website, http://www.cese.nsw.gov.au/EffectivePractices/, presents research evidence and examples from NSW schools that illustrate effective practices for school improvement, particularly in literacy and numeracy. Nine domains of effective practice are brought to life through real examples of successful teaching and learning at the whole school, classroom and student level. A powerpoint from Sawtell Public School is lauded as a positive example of the “targeted use of school resources” and “differentiated teaching and learning”. This powerpoint describes the school’s approach to making sustainable resourcing decisions through its use of the QuickSmart Numeracy program and resources to meet individual learning needs.

Likewise, a powerpoint from the Namoi Valley Christian School is featured as an illustration of effective practices that underpin “School-Community partnerships”. This presentation describes in detail how the school engaged with parents to boost student performance in numeracy using the QuickSmart program.

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