The Rewards of Research

Have you ever wondered what happened to the students who did the QuickSmart Literacy or Numeracy programs during their latter primary or junior secondary school years? As a QuickSmart Research Fellow  in 2003-2004 during the developmental stages of both programs, Jenny Thomas often pondered where life had taken her research students.

Imagine her delight when Jenny found an article in the Armidale newspaper about one of the Literacy students from 2004. Sophia Doran was in Year 6 when Jenny last saw her. Now, nine years later, Sophia is an employee of the University of New England.Jenny and Sophia

Sophia  continued her education through to her HSC exams. On finishing her secondary education in 2010, she  worked briefly at a childcare facility, then as a dental nurse before joining the staff at UNE at the beginning of 2012 as an Admin Assistant in the UNE Business School. Since leaving school, Sophia has  completed her Certificate 3 and Certificate 4 in Business Administration at the New England TAFE and has plans for further study in 2014.

QuickSmart is  proud to have provided one piece of Sophia’s success.

Sophia remembers her participation in QuickSmart Literacy as a positive experience and a fun time. She recalled  lessons with Jenny as “a positive experience that I will never forget.” Jenny, like many QuickSmart Instructors around Australia, will never forget her QuickSmart students either!

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