QuickSmart Cluster Showcased by Victorian DEECD

The Victorian Department of Education and Early Childhood Development has showcased educational practice that is having a positive impact on student literacy and numeracy outcomes in schools and networks. One of the featured case studies focused on the Cluster of ten schools in the Wimmera East and West networks that first implemented the QuickSmart program in Victoria http://www.education.vic.gov.au/school/teachers/support/Pages/warracknabeal.aspx.

This Cluster is now in its fifth year of operation. The experiences and successes of the QuickSmart program were detailed from the perspectives of  Warracknabeal Secondary College and other schools in the cluster. Warracknabeal Secondary College is located in the Wimmera East Network of the Grampians Region, and serves students from Years 7 to 12. Warracknabeal:Wimmera QuickSmart Cluster

Pictured are QuickSmart Champions Anthony Fowler, Principal; Brendan Ryan, RNL Wimmera East Network; and Treena Hogan, Wimmera Cluster coordinator.

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