QuickSmart Numeracy and Literacy Success

The Northern Daily Leader reported a significant visit to a New England QuickSmart school in July 2012. Former NSW director general of education Ken Boston visited Quirindi High principal Meghanne Clarke and a number of students who are participating in the school’s QuickSmart literacy and numeracy programs to find out about their success. Mr Boston was charged with the responsibility of  reviewing of 30 programs that have been introduced to help under-performing NSW students improve.

Ms Clarke said QuickSmart had provided great results for a number of students at her school. The numeracy QuickSmart program was introduced at the school four years ago with Ms Clarke commenting that, “The result has been growth for the students in the program and their results have now matched with what NAPLAN suggests they should be.”


The literacy QuickSmart program was introduced at the school 12 months ago and it is also contributing to Quirindi High Students’ successes. “We implemented the programs to students in years seven, eight and nine who were getting results in the lower NAPLAN bands and needed some help getting up to speed,” Ms Clarke said.

Quirindi High is one of the few secondary schools with both a literacy and numeracy scheme in place, hence Mr Boston’s visit. Notes from the visit about the program and its proven outcomes at Quirindi High, will be included in Mr Boston’s report. He said his goal was to find out if the child’s learning had turned around in the long term or if the programs were just “a quick fix”. http://www.northerndailyleader.com.au/news/local/news/general/programs-in-review/2630270.aspx


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