Starting QuickSmart: A Guide for New Schools

Here is a procedural guide detailing what happens when an administrator is interested in starting the QuickSmart Numeracy and/or Literacy intervention programs at their school.

Initial Contact

SiMERR National Research Centre (the developer of QuickSmart) takes Expressions of Interest from August to December from schools who are interested in implementing the QuickSmart Numeracy and/or Literacy intervention programs in the following year. Schools register their interest through the form on the Professional Development Workshop Calendar (PDWC) on our website ( They will then be sent an information pack about the program by email.

SiMERR organises workshop locations for the following year based on these Expressions of Interest. The schools are contacted in January or February confirming these locations if enough schools are interested in a particular location. A designated cluster coordinator (for example, the educational head of a Catholic diocese) will occasionally get a group of schools to commit to starting the program and we help them organise a workshop in their area.


Each participating school chooses five people, which should include one member of the School Executive, one coordinator (the head of department or Learning Support Teacher) and three instructors (teachers or teacher aides) to attend the workshops. They should then send SiMERR an Enrolment Form, downloadable from the PDWC on our website, to with their details. Each participant will receive a registration confirmation email upon enrolment, and an information email with details (date, venue, etc) for Workshop One two weeks prior to the workshop.

The information email will also contain an activation code for our QuickSmart Dashboard site ( Once the school has created a QuickSmart Dashboard account, they can download the latest version of the OZCAAS software, which is used as part of the QuickSmart lesson. This will need to be installed on a Windows-based laptop, which the participants should bring with them to their first workshop. We suggest sending one laptop per two staff members attending the workshop to ensure that all participants can actively participate in workshop activities. Schools will gain access to numeracy and/or literacy resources such as a Speed Sheet generator and supplementary reading/comprehension texts on the QuickSmart Dashboard site.

We then send the school an email with a username and password for the QuickSmart Administration site ( This account is used for updating school contact details, registering for future workshops, and for ordering extra materials.

QuickSmart workshops take place over three blocks of two days each (from 9am until 3.30pm each day).

Training: Workshop One

The first workshop will typically take place around March/April. On the first day, each school is given their QuickSmart flashcard kit, organisational folders and other resources.

Participants learn about the theoretical framework behind QuickSmart. The basic lesson structure is introduced and all the lesson components are practised using hands-on materials.

Over the next few months, participants begin to implement QuickSmart at their school based on what they learned in Workshop One. They perform pre-tests on the students undertaking the program and upload this data to the Data Upload Tool on the QuickSmart Dashboard site.

Research Agreement and Function Fees

At this stage, we send the school a Research Agreement for signing. This is a contract between the school and the University of New England through SiMERR, and the school needs to sign it and send it back to us before we can invoice them.

Schools may also be sent an invoice for catering costs and venue hire after each workshop, depending on whether the workshop they attended had venue hire and catering costs (lunch provided, etc).

Training: Workshop Two

The second workshop takes place around July/August. Participants are sent a Workshop Two information email letting them know of any change of venue about two weeks before the workshop. We do endeavour to keep all workshops in a series at the same location; however sometimes circumstances prevent this.

Participants reflect on their progress in the program so far and further develop their knowledge. The concept of problem solving (and comprehension in Literacy) is introduced and practiced. Schools are also asked to give a short presentation as to how their implementation of the program has progressed at their school.

The most up-to-date workshop information is always available on that year’s PDWC on our website.

Training: Workshop Three

The third workshop takes place around October/November and focuses on ‘graduating’ students from the program and data analysis. The Workshop Three information email will be sent out two weeks prior to this.

Participants will have a final chance to practice any components and clarify any concepts. Some time is dedicated to perfecting the program for the following year. Further problem solving (and comprehension) is also practiced. This concludes the participants’ initial training.

QuickSmart is a NESA accredited professional development course and each participant will receive a training certificate after they have completed the three workshops.


Once the QuickSmart students have completed their 30 weeks, instructors perform a Post-Test in OZCAAS and upload the data to the Data Upload Tool, along with the students’ pre-test and post-test PAT testing data and attendance data. They can then request a report based on their QuickSmart data for that year.

Continuing the Program

The school’s QuickSmart licence lasts for three years, after which the school can renew it for one or three years (the three-year renewal is at a discounted rate). The licence provides ongoing access to the QuickSmart Dashboard and updates to the OZCAAS software. A CAAS Renewal Agreement will be sent to the school for signing about two months before the expiry date, but if you don’t receive it, please send an email to and we will send you one. Once signed, it should be sent back to SiMERR. We send a Renewal Code immediately. An invoice will be sent after the agreement goes through our internal processes.

Schools can also send additional staff members for training or take up another program (Numeracy or Literacy) any year after their initial implementation of the program. They can register by sending an Enrolment Form from that year’s PDWC on our website to New staff members will need to complete all six days of training.

Ongoing Support

If you need any further information or assistance, please email or call 02 6773 2983.

As of June 2018, the QuickSmart in Schools Team are:


  • June Billings: Supervisor
  • Ambrose McDermott: Project officer
  • Andrew Goode: IT support officer (02 6773 5061 /
  • Sally Carmichael: Administration assistant
  • Sophie Westermarck: Operations officer (on maternity leave until 2019)


  • Professor John Pegg: Director and co-developer
  • Anne Parnell: Numeracy coordinator
  • Anne Shortis: Literacy coordinator (aided by Lyn Alder, Cathy Jones & Kerry Perrin) (all off-site)
  • Dr Stefan Horarik: Data analyst (off-site)

To begin your QuickSmart journey, please go to

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Last Chance to Begin QuickSmart in 2018!

We are coming to the end of our Numeracy and Literacy Workshop Ones for 2018, which means this is the last chance for your school to implement the programs this year!

The remaining QuickSmart professional development workshops are listed below. If you would like to attend any of these, please go to, click the ‘Enrolments now open’ link, fill out the form and send it back to You can use that email address for any general enquiries too.

QuickSmart Numeracy:

  • North Coast NSW (Kempsey)
    • Workshop One: 22 and 23 May
    • Workshop Two: 4 and 5 September
    • Workshop Three: 5 and 6 November
    • Location: Kempsey West Public School, Marsh St, Kempsey West, NSW 2440
  • Sydney
    • Workshop One: 7 and 8 May
    • Workshop Two: 11 and 12 September
    • Workshop Three: 29 and 30 November
    • Location: UNE Campus Sydney, 232 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150
  • Wagga Wagga
    • Workshop One: 2 and 3 May
    • Workshop Two: 28 and 29 August
    • Workshop Three: 4 and 5 December
    • Location: Kildare Catholic College, Coleman St, Wagga Wagga NSW 2650

QuickSmart Literacy: 

  • North Coast NSW (Coffs Harbour)
    • Workshop One: 21 and 22 May
    • Workshop Two: 8 and 9 August
    • Workshop Three: 22 and 23 October
    • Location: The Professional Centre, Level 1, 9 Park Avenue, Coffs Harbour NSW 2450
  • Sydney
    • Workshop One: 23 and 24 May
    • Workshop Two: 6 and 7 August
    • Workshop Three: 24 and 25 October
    • Location: UNE Campus Sydney, 232 Church Street, Parramatta NSW 2150
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QuickSmart Workshops – Register now!

There are still places left for the following PD sessions this year:

  • Tamworth (Numeracy)
  • Adelaide (Numeracy)
  • Melbourne (Numeracy)
  • Coffs Harbour (Numeracy)
  • Bathurst (Numeracy)
  • Sydney (Literacy)
  • Port Macquarie (Literacy)


Prices for schools with program in place are: $750 +GST for one staff member or $1500 +GST for 2+ staff members, including all six days of PD (no resources).
To enrol, fill in the enrolment form found on: and return it to

If your school wishes to take up a second program, please call 02 6773 2983 for pricing.

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QuickSmart National Reports for 2016 now available

An national analysis of the 2016 QuickSmart data for Numeracy and Literacy has been completed and the reports are now available at

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QuickSmart in 2018

Expressions of interest for QuickSmart in 2018 are now open. To register your interest, please fill in the form:
You can view preliminary dates and locations on:
Please note that the schedule will be regularly updated between now and February 2018.
We look forward to hearing from you!

Kind regards,
QuickSmart Team UNE

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QuickSmart Administration site has moved

As part of our ongoing improvements the QuickSmart Administration site has moved to a new address. From today you will need to go to to access it. Please update your bookmarks to point to the new address.

The old address ( will be redirected to the new address for a few weeks. After this time the old address will no longer work.

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2017 Data Upload Tool – released

The 2017 Data Upload tool is now available for 2017 QuickSmart schools. To access it login to your Dashboard account at If you do not see the 2017 Data Upload Tool in your list of subscribed applications please contact our IT Support on 02 6773 5061 between 10:30am & 2pm Monday to Friday or at

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2017 Data Upload Tool

The 2017 Data Upload tool will become available to schools soon. It is currently in the final phases of testing, and we expect it to become available by the end of May. Once it is available, we will send out an email to let you know and it will appear on your school’s dashboard automatically. For now, please hold on to your results. We thank you for your patience!

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New Numeracy Workshop series in Sydney – Update – now 25-26 May

Due to unforeseen circumstances the workshop series on 29-30 May in Parramatta has a change of date and location. The workshop will now be held on 25-26 May at Cambridge Park High School, Harrow Rd, Cambridge Park 2747. To record your interest, please email ASAP

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New Numeracy Workshop series in Sydney

We have added another workshop series starting on 29-30 May in Parramatta. If you missed out on the original training, now is your chance to join! We will organise the workshop if there is sufficient interest. To record your interest, please email ASAP.

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