The ‘Time of Change’ Design Leads and Change team are extremely busy this week – re-evaluating draft designs, considering the impact of EOI panel recommendations, crunching numbers and writing the draft change plans we will brief staff on next week.

Given this is a ‘whole of university change’ there are several draft change plans that need to be created.  As you would expect, large units will have to consider a suite of individual change plans.

One key plan is the overarching Institutional change plan which will lay out the rational for the proposed organisational restructure which will need to be considered alongside proposals for a significant workforce reduction.  All the plans are interconnected and will be made available to all staff to read, digest and comment on.

We are aware these documents and answers to further questions are keenly anticipated across the university.  The change team are focussed on doing the best job possible in describing the framework for a new organisational design.

If you see me ordering extra coffee at the Café this week or my light is on late at Wright College – you’ll know why.

Regular updates will be posted to the Time for Change website and mentioned in Pulse.

Executive Change Director