Woohoo, we’ve got a home!

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Look at the new page that’s just appeared on the blog menu!  We now have a home on campus.  No more turning up to a general space and wondering which group are the oldest bunch in the room, and how to ask “are you the oldies?” LOL  Now, if you turn up to our room at an advertised MSA meeting time, you’ll be able to find us really easily – we’ll be pretty much the only ones in there.

We do share the space with UNEG, but they use it more as a visiting point than a hanging-out place.

Thanks to Donna, who did much of the running around on campus to achieve this, Wayne Kratz (Student Support, who’s supplying our tea and coffee), Taden Kelliher (UNEG, who kindly accepted this invasion and even told us it would ease his isolation), Simon Paul (Services UNE, who arranged for the keys and approved it all), Alicia Zikan (UNE Council, who supplied the kettle and microwave, and who authorises the swipe access)… I think that’s everyone!

As you can see, organising it has been a mammoth coordination effort.  Approval of the space is on a calendar-year basis, so the more we use it the easier it will be to justify it continuing to be ours next year.