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Five of us went to trivia at the Stro on Wednesday night (where were you, Ashley and Richard?) and had a great time. Jade reckoned she had a chance at the entertainment questions, which relieved the rest of us, who all disclaimed any expertise in that category.  Carolyn asserted firmly that the only thing she knew about was Canada, so we agreed that if by some outlandish fortune there were any questions on Canada they’d be hers to answer.

The first question we had to answer stumped us completely – what’s the name of your team?!  After tossing around about 20 options, we finally settled on The Hat Tricks, but considering how hard we’d worked to get that we were somewhat dismayed to find that didn’t even earn us a point 🙁

We had a rollercoaster night, being in last place after round 1, second last after round two, and were actually tied in 1st place after round 3, but the “sport” round which came next dropped us back to 4th, and the “youtube” round that followed took us back to 5th place.  A late rally with a “geography” round wasn’t enough to make up our losses, although we astonished the other teams by ROFL to a perfectly ordinary question – “what’s the capital of Canada?”

Our team  came 4th out of six teams, which we reckoned was pretty good considering we were the only team not googling the answers on our mobile phones 🙂

Would any of you have known the answers to these questions:
* What would you find in aisle 10 at Coles Armidale?
* How long does it take to travel from Adelaide to Darwin by camel?
* Who won the FIFA World Cup in 2010?
* How long is the song “Friday” by Rebecca Black?
* What UNE teams won gold in the Northern University Games in 2011?

If you know the answers to any of those, you should have been there!

There wasn’t actually that much dressing up among those attending, so if anyone chickened out of coming on that basis you’ll know better next time LOL.