Car rally planned

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There was a resounding silence to the idea of something on the 17th/18th, which I’ll charitably put down to everyone being occupied with holiday activities or away.  Looking ahead, though, it seems a good date to have an activity would be on Sunday 23rd May. And trying to work in with the “meet at the pub on Sundays” thing that’s happened a couple of times, we could do it if the pub gathering is at 4pm instead of 2pm.

Now, for those of you who think a “car rally” is a whole bunch of rev-heads hooning around, that’s not the sort of car rally we mean.  What we mean is a kind of treasure hunt on wheels.  We meet at an agreed starting point, and you get given a map/route, a list of things to do/collect/find along the way, and allocated to a car if you come without your own wheels or simply want to be with others rather than solo.  Then you drive the appointed route, fulfilling the assignments along the way, and arrive at the destination, where points are scored and winners are declared.

So, the plan is to meet for the car rally at 2pm, and aim to arrive at the pub by 4pm, remaining there for drinks and general sociability.

More details will be posted as they’re planned, and there might even be clues to the rally thrown out as teasers, so keep your eyes peeled.

One Comment

  • Alicia Zikan says:

    Hi Clare
    I thought you and the others in the group might be interested to know that there is a new (not quite open) undergrads centre on campus. It is in the building that used to be home to the book shop (Madgwick Hall)
    Access is swipe card using your student ID card – though full details will shortly be available because each student who wants to use the facility will need to be authorised first.
    There is internet access, printing facilities – kitchen with tea and coffee, microwave, and is child -friendly (that is children are welcome, and there is some area for them to play without being frowned at).
    Anyway, I will send you more details this week when the ‘furniture” is in and we’re ready to go…