Al Boggess (Texas A&M): Fundamental solutions to \Box_b on certain quadrics

Speaker: Al Boggess (Texas A&M)

Title: Fundamental solutions to \Box_b on certain quadrics

Time and venue: 17/01/2012, 2pm, Seminar room 206

Abstract: (joint work with Andy Raich)
In this talk, I will describe a process which can be used
to find the fundamental solution to \Box_b on quadric
submanifolds of complex Euclidean space. The tools will
involve representation theory using the Lie group structure
of quadrics along with Hermite expansions. In certain cases,
this leads to rather simple formulas for the fundamental solution.
In particular, we can provide formulas for the fundamental solution
for quadric hypersurfaces that are different than the Heisenberg
group and for the canonical quadric examples of codimension
two in C^4.