Representation of Functions in A(−∞) by Dirichlet Series and Applications

2nd March 2010, 1500 MC206

Professor Le Hai Khoi


NTU Singapore

will speak on

Representation of Functions in A−∞ by Dirichlet Series and Applications

Consider a space A−∞(Ω) of holomorphic functions in a bounded convex domain Ω of Cn, with the so-called polynomial growth near the boundary ∂Ω. Introducing a space AΩ of entire functions with certain growth condition, we establish the mutual duality of A−∞(Ω) and A−∞. As one of applications of the obtained duality, a possibility of Ω representation of functions from both spaces A−∞(Ω) and A−∞Ω in a form of Dirichlet series is given. These results are due to Abanin A.V. and myself.