The transformation of a Chinese metro ride

Tales of a Traveling Marketer 3rd edition

One of the great experiences of Shanghai is the local transportation, it is so fantastic that I feel that I have undergone a metamorphosis. In particular the Metro is a unique experience, apart from being a highly efficient method of transport, I feel as though I undergo several transformations every day.

This daily routine starts by entering the station, this process includes saying “Ni Hao” to the security guard and sometimes getting my bags scanned. After waiting about 45 seconds the first train to arrives. The moment that I enter the train, is the moment I feel I am instantly transformed into a tuna fish. let me explain;

Metro Ride Tuna

Inside a Metro Train

The school of tuna is extremely organised and orderly but when the right current arrives all of the fish try to ride the wave at the same time. The sensation of entering the metro in rush hour, is what I imagine it would feel like for a tuna fish, if it could feel when being packed into a can, by an enthusiastic tuna packer, who wants to get as much tuna into the can as possible. This sensation that you cannot resist and it is simple, you have to live by the  fish rule “go with the flow”. This process is repeated at every stop during  rush hour every space that can be filled will be filled, so I am constantly referring back to the fish rule. I stay a tuna fish until the second transformation.

The second transformation occurs when you leave the train and progress to the escalator, it is at this point that I have a distinct feeling that I have transformed into a penguin.

I know at this point a few people are saying what is this writer on, right?

But stay with me for a moment, I would like you to imagine a David Attenborough

Escalator ride

Escalator ride

documentary on penguins, I know everybody has seen it at least once int their lives. You know the one where they climb the massive ice hill to jump into the ocean. Do you remember how they keep banging into each other as they waddle up to the apex. Imagine this, but now  imagine that one of the penguins is 25% taller than the rest. The extra height and the lack of space to stride out means the tall penguin sways more and bumps into the other penguins more frequently. Bump, bump, bump, bump  that tall penguin, yeah that is me and happens every day, bumping into everyone as I dolly step my way to the apex. The lesson here is, everyone is bumping everyone, so the penguin rule is “you will bump and be bumped, don’t worry, just keep moving”.

At each stop there is two escalators to transfer to another line and the process repeats moving from transforming from a tuna fish to a penguin until I reach my destination, as the GPS would say. At the end of it all  I return to being a man again ready for work.

Metro station

Metro station

Really the Chinese Metro system is brilliant for transportation but I feel that it is a unique experience that is an “only in China experience”. Here is the only place I know that I can transform from a person to a tuna fish to a penguin and back to a man all in 30 minute Metro ride.

One thing I would like to mention at this point is how calm everyone is in lines, everyone slowly moves and doesn’t worry about getting ahead or people cutting in. The elderly are respected highly and every one will offer a seat to them rather than seeing them stand for the trip, this is the real magic of the Shanghai Metro and I find it brilliant. So here is a unique experience and if you come to Shanghai remember the fish and penguin rule and you will be fine.

Thank you for reading, at this point I would like to thank my sponsor New England Business enterprise centre  for allowing me to accept this experience, I am traveling and looking for work if you are interested please see my Linkedin profile and if you have a question for me please use the #InternChuck on twitter. If you like my blog please subscribe

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Operation dodgem umbrella: an authentic Chinese experience

Tales of a Traveling Marketer 2nd edition

Umbrella China

Outside the Nanjing metro station exit 1 on a slow day


Every morning I find myself glancing out of my apartment window to see if I will have to commence operation Dodgem Umbrella. This is a unique situation that only occurs in the rain, so the problem starts with me, I stand 6’3 and according to the national Chinese statistics the average height for a person in Shanghai is 5’5.

Add umbrella height and a rainy day turns into a ballet of dodge, duck, dip, dive and dodge (thank you dodgeball for that relevant quote).

In simple terms operation dodgem umbrella is the futile attempt to ensure that I survive the five block walk to work without having my eyes poked by an umbrella.

Shanghai street

Walk to work on a slow day

On a rainy day there is literally a sea of umbrellas standing at eye height, for this I have to adopt some manoeuvres including the double over: this what I like to think of as a dive and means I have to stop and almost kneel until the person goes past, this is used in a tight spot and when I cannot dodge.

The dodge may mean walking on the road to move out of the way of the approaching umbrellas. The dip is when I can nod and go under the umbrella often sideways.

The dodge an duck

The dodge an duck

The final maneuver is the duck, this means I bow under the umbrella while still moving.To add to the excitement it becomes more complicated when I have to do these maneuvers while having my own umbrella. This means I have to do go over and under at the same time and can get interesting in tight spaces.

Although this is a little funny, it is one of those things that you would never think of before traveling.

I will continue to share my experiences with you to give the authentic experience of working in Shanghai. I will be traveling and looking for work if you are interested in my blog please subscribe I will be writing about traveling, marketing tips and my experiences.

I will introduce my travel adventures through anecdotes.  If you are interested in offering work please feel free to review my linked In page and if you would like to ask a question please send the question to #Ask #InternChuck  on Twitter. As always this blog is sponsored by the New England Business enterprise centre 

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By hook or by crook

Tales of a Traveling Marketer 1st Edition




I personally have a love of marketing as it gives me an outlet to use lateral thinking and an opportunity to use my creative skills. As a business student with a major in marketing and management I enjoy the challenges of working with international businesses.In 2014 I moved to Shanghai to accept an unpaid internship at Simply Bridal, I created this blog to share my experiences and provide a marketers view on international business. This internship  through a company called CRCC Asia who have provided me  for a fee; accommodation and language training for the three months.

The first question any marketer should ask is “Why, Why should I buy your product?” or to ask the same question from another angle “What makes your product different from everyone else’s product?”

I had the luxury of holding seasonal positions with thoroughbred studs prior to  starting my education at the University of New England. During my study I held a paid internship position with  the Foundation For Regional Development marketing regional australia to urbanites. I also had the opportunity to be involved with the University of New England Economics and Business Society and the University of New England Enactus. These opportunities have provided me with many real life experiences and I can help sell your product or service.

As I travel I will be looking for more job opportunities as well as this my blog is supported by sponsors, to accept this opportunity  this was archived through sponsorship from the New England Business centre. I would like to thank you for support as I was determined to accept this internship. As part of this I decided to blog my experiences to share and each people about different places and to advertise my skills as a marketer here is my linked in profile.

If you would like to ask a question leave a message here or use #InternChuck on Twitter

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