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UNE Library exhibition: Fingerprinting Gobi Dinosaurs

Since their discovery in 1923 by the inimitable Roy Chapman Andrews, the dinosaurs of Mongolia’s Gobi Desert have offered one of the most comprehensive pictures of life at the twilight of the Mesozoic. In the past 25 years, scores of … Continue reading

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Fixing Google Scholar, a few changes!

Some UNE staff and students may have been frustrated at times with Google Scholar turning them away by the Google Scholar CAPTCHA mechanism. In peak times of demand, Google Scholar has denied access to those wanting to access articles because … Continue reading

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“This is all very silly” :An interesting start to regional archives

In 1947, the Warden of the New England University College (NEUC), Dr Madgwick wrote to the Under Secretary of Justice of NSW stating ‘This was all very silly.’ He was referring to a decision that records located in the Armidale Court … Continue reading

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Finding Open Access Content

It can be hard to keep up with the changing landscape of Open Access publishing. Promising front runners have disappeared and new products have risen to the top of the heap. This post will try to capture the current state of … Continue reading

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