RUNE and Researcher Profiles

What is a Researcher Profile?

Research outputs published by UNE researchers are indexed in the university’s institutional repository (RUNE). These outputs are linked to each UNE researcher through their Researcher Profile.

A Researcher Profile has two functionalities. First, it is a unique identifier assigned to each UNE researcher. Second, it acts as a one-stop-shop for accessing an author’s research outputs in RUNE.


The value of RUNE Researcher Profiles.

When a research output is added to RUNE, any UNE authors will have the output automatically linked to their Researcher Profile.

From your Researcher Profile you can:

  • Export a .ris file containing all the bibliographic information about your publications, which can be opened in your prefered referencing software (e.g. Endnote).
  • Filter your publications by year, co-authors, Field of Research categories, and much more.
  • Link to external research identities or profiles, such as Scopus, ORCiD and Clarivate.

Researcher Profiles and Name Variants.

An innovative and powerful functionality of RUNE Researcher Profiles is the ability to record name variants. For example, you might publish under Jane Smith, Jane M Smith, J M Smith, or even a different name such as Jane Doe. Using the Researcher Profile name variant functionality, all your name variants that appear on your publications will be linked to your Researcher Profile. This means that the information stored in RUNE will always be an accurate reflection of the publication, and that you will always be linked to your publications in RUNE, no matter what name you publish under.


What if your publications are not linked to your Researcher Profile?

If your publications are in RUNE but have not been linked to your Researcher Profile, please contact RUNE so that we can assist you with this. Please note that multiple UNE usernames (i.e. a HDR student username and a staff username) can be added to a single Researcher Profile. This is another unique advantage of RUNE’s Researcher Profile functionality.

Please contact RUNE  if you would like to discuss your Researcher Profile further.

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