What’s on in September

There is so much happening in and around the Library this September, so whether you are visiting in person or online, there is something that will both cater to and interest you!

Upcoming Library classes!

The library has a range of classes running throughout September to support both undergraduate students and researchers. Check them out to see what is available and register for a class or two.

If you’re visiting UNE for intensive schools in September, Welcome! The “Intensive School workshop: An introduction to library services” is a must!

It is worth remembering that some of these classes are also available as webinars, so you can tune in whether you are on or off campus! And, you can find previously held and recorded classes and webinars online, to view at anytime.

Revamping of physical spaces!

renovations work showing level 4 of the Dixson Library with no carpet, scaffolds and builders at work near the lift on the western side of the buildiing, near the beginning of the 900's

The 4th floor of Dixson Library is undergoing a makeover! Works are being undertaken to replace ageing and damaged carpet and shelving, and give the space a much needed fresh coat of paint. With the work proceeding according to schedule, it won’t be long before staff and students are enjoying the 4th floor amenities again. In the meantime, items held in these spaces can be requested for retrieval from desk staff upon request, so if you are having any difficulties accessing these physical materials, simply approach one of the friendly Library staff for assistance.

Fun events!

The Library is participating in The Great Book Swap organised by the Indigenous Literacy Foundation. The aim is to raise money to purchase books for Aboriginals and Torres Strait Islander children in rural and remote areas, as reading levels are substantially lower in this demographic.

The book swap will take place on Wednesday 4th September 10am – 11am in the Letters room.

If everyone would like to bring a plate of food, a book – or two – to swap and some coins to donate that would be greatly appreciated.

Support throughout the trimester!

With Trimester 2 exams and final assessments fast approaching, you may want to take advantage of the many quiet spaces the library has to offer, or even book a study room. Our study rooms make convenient spaces to revise with peers or to complete group assignments, or simply to lock yourself away in a quieter space where you can focus, record audio and work uninterrupted for several hours. For more information on booking a Library study room, see the Library website.

It’s a great idea to follow us on FaceBook and Twitter to stay up to date with Library happenings.

a graphic all about making your research Open and FAIR, see the URLs for more detail

This month’s blog post has been brought to you by the Research UNE (RUNE) team. The RUNE tea

m is responsible for maintaining UNE’s institutional repository, which stores information about the university’s research. We have a diverse range of records, such as datasets, NTROs, and Journal Articles. Check out RUNE and get in touch with the team directly with any questions via email at rune@une.edu.au.

Keep an eye out for the upcoming blog posts “Green Open Access” and “Researcher Profiles and your institutional repository”, that are also being brought to you by the Research UNE (RUNE) team in September.

Quick tips on OA’ by the Australian Open Access Strategy Group, under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0. Written by Kim Harris and Kristal Spreadborough, of the RUNE team

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