Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy

Access more than 300 3D rotational narrated videos of real cadaver specimens – anytime, anywhere – from your computer, smartphone or tablet device.  The videos show moving structures:  muscles, tendons and joints, making the same movements that they make in life.  The clips build complex structures step-by-step, from bone to surface anatomy, to provide a foundation for understanding anatomical structure and function.  A PDF transcript is also included. 


Choose from the complete 5-volume collection or specific body region (upper extremity, lower extremity, trunk, head and neck, internal organs).  Acland’s includes self-assessment and practical exam preparation with interactive Q&A review quizzes as well as a comprehensive glossary and A-Z index which links back to the videos.


Originally intended for medical and dental students, Acland’s Video Atlas of Human Anatomy has become popular with students and staff in many other fields including allied health, as well as non-medical users with an interest in human structures.


Access via this link.  You will need to create your own personal account in order to test yourself on any part of the human anatomy via the exams module.  A user guide is also available to help you navigate the videos.

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