What’s on in August

As we find ourselves already in August, here in the Library we are loving the frosty New England winter weather and all the trappings that involves, including couch snuggling with your study materials (or a good novel) in cozy slippers and hot chocolate, hopefully in front of a fire. Remember in this cooler weather that the Library is a heated, comfy space for you to get access to physical materials and knowledgeable staff to help superpower your study. We also have a fully functional student kitchen and breakout space complete with boiling water and a microwave for you to heat your snacks and bring in your own tea and coffee supplies to keep you fed and focused while you use our spaces and resources.

three shields in the main Dixson Library stairwell

This month’s what’s on post is brought to you by the Library’s Cultural and Teaching Collections team, who are responsible for the wonderful art and artefacts you will find interspersed throughout the Library. A recent exhibition is the wonderful ‘Shield the PrizeProtect the Vision’ installation by Michael Brogan.


seven shields in the Dixson Library stairwell near the main entrance to the library

Michael describes the works as an ‘extension of an ongoing going dialogue I have orchestrated between the self and an invisible art audience. This particular body of work is constantly in transition… returning to the nature of things.  These poly pipe sculpture pieces have been undergoing a transition of their own. From shield motifs morphing into organic augmentations that appear like oceanic life forms you might encounter washed up on the shoreline after the tide has gone out. Leaving the art object high and dry!’

Come in and see these fabulous structures located in the entry stairwell and the main middle stairway. And check online to find out more about the current exhibitions in the Library.

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