Master referencing using Mendeley!

Mendeley desktop and mobile devices use

Mendeley is a free personal reference database program, which can be utilsed to maintain a library of references, download references from databases and integrate with Microsoft Word to insert references and create a bibliography in a document.

The benefit of using Mendeley over other referencing programs is as it is a free software solution, updates and changes will not incur a cost to the user, and the Mendeley Library can be retained, used and updated long after a student has graduated.

The program allows the annotation of documents and easy access to any device anywhere via the desktop client, web browser or mobile app. The reference library can be backed up to the cloud whenever a user chooses to sync.

Mendeley also has a downloadable Citation Plugin for Word in both Windows and Mac which enables it to generate Cite While You Write references and bibliography in a Word document.

There is a downloadable Web Importer tool to enable the import of papers, web pages and other documents using Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Explorer.

For further information about downloading and using Mendeley, have a look at the Mendeley Libguide, which has all the information, frequently asked questions and regular updates added by librarians to help in using this nifty program.

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