Using ProQuest Ebook Central to find eBooks!

Have you used ProQuest Ebook Central before? It is a database which holds thousands of Ebooks waiting for you to read them online!

You can access ProQuest Ebook Central from numerous places on the Library website. You can find it on the A-Z Databases list, from the eBooks subject guide which also has links to the other online eBook collections we subscribe to. 

There are a few ways you can search ProQuest Ebook Central. The first, and most logical way is to type your keywords into the search bar in the middle of the page. Think of keywords that are broadly related to your chosen subject area and experiment to see the results.

You can also use the Advanced Search function and the Browse Subjects function in ProQuest Ebook Central. The benefit of using the Advanced Search is that it helps to structure the keywords in your search as well as allows you to select a date range, language, download format, and whether it is subscribed to be UNE Library. 

screenshot of the advanced search function

Lastly is the Browse Subjects – you can find subjects from Architecture to Zoology here! Browsing by subject allows you to drill-down to your specific area of study and know exactly how many books are categorised in that subject area. Once you select your subject area your results page will list the relevant books, from here you can start to refine your results by date, secondary subject area, author, or language. 

list of subject areas in the Browse Subjects field

If you have any questions about how to use eBooks, please contact us!

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