The Future of Work and UNE’s Predictor App

If you missed the presentation on the Future of Work, delivered by Jaime Casap from Google in Tamworth in September 2018, or even if you were there, it’s definitely worth watching the online recording.

Jaime is Google’s Chief Education Evangelist and his message is about education:  how it can disrupt poverty, and change our destiny.  The future is already here:  we are in the age of digitisation – technology, computer science, artificial intelligence, machine learning, augmented reality and virtual reality are all impacting the entire world, every industry, every day.

The language for this revolution is computer science:  fundamental skills around digitisation, fundamental elements about understanding how computers work, understanding how computational thinking works, understanding the role that technology plays for everything.  The skills for the 21st century are problem solving and critical thinking.

It’s not about jobs going away, it’s about jobs changing, and adapting to those jobs and how we have to prepare for this:  taking knowledge and using it, doing something with it – what is most valuable is what you do with information.  All work will be automated to some degree.  65% of the jobs in the future don’t exist today – Google didn’t exist 20 years ago!

The UNE Future of Work Predictor app has recently been launched.  Give it a try to see how exposed to disruption your careers is.  It takes less than a minute to see overall how much your job will change; how tasks in your job will change; how your qualification compares; and wages and employment changes for your job.



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