Research UNE (RUNE) and ORCiD

ORCiD is available on Research UNE (RUNE). If you have not logged into RUNE before it will take a few minutes for the system to sync your account to a Research Profile if it exists already (read more). From your profile you will be able to push your publications to your ORCiD account. Once your Research Profile is synced to your RUNE account the status will become “public”.

Already linked your ORCiD via Chute

If you had previously provided your ORCiD to UNE via the Chute system then the connection between RUNE and ORCiD will be set up for you.  You should review the permissions you have previously given UNE by logging into RUNE, going to your Research Profile and clicking on the ORCiD tab.  

Connecting your ORCiD to UNE for the first time

You will be able to connect by logging into ORCiD via your RUNE Research Profile.  During this process you will be able to set up permissions for UNE to push your publications in RUNE to your ORCiD account.

Steps to connect your ORCiD to RUNE:

Go to your RUNE account

Click the status “public” and a pop up will appear

Click “View your profile”

Your profile will open. The link to this page will be unique to your Research Profile

Click the ORCiD tab

Click “Connect to ORCiD ID”

Login and authorize

Once ORCiD has been added, go back to your Research Profile where your ORCiD will now be listed.

From the RUNE ORCiD Tab on your Research Profile you should be able to now push your publications to ORCiD.

If you have any questions or experience any issues contact the RUNE team

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