An introduction to library services [Video]

Do you want a quick overview as to the services available to you from UNE Library. This session is designed to be a quick introduction to the Library website, how to navigate the search interface, and ask any questions. Broadly, the class covers the topics below:

  • How to use Library Search (difference between View It and Get It)
  • Your borrowing rights, including borrowing from home – digitisation, postage, etc
  • ULANZ Scheme – how to borrow from a university closer to you!
  • Library subject guides: what are they, where to find them, why to use them
  • How to book a room or workshop and the other sessions available
  • Library social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Library Blog
  • How to contact us: chat, send an email, book an appointment, phone

Don’t forget, we also offer other Library workshops which go into detail about how to search effectively. These sessions are available both on-campus and online (via Zoom).

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2 Responses to An introduction to library services [Video]

  1. Manjit Singh says:

    Please advise on how I can borrow books to be sent to my home address in Summer Hill, Sydney

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