Database Spotlight: Loeb Classical Library

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The Loeb Classical Library is a series of texts from the Classical World (Greek and Latin), presented bilingually, with the Greek or Latin text on the left (verso), and an English translation on the right (recto). The Loeb Classical Library includes texts from all fields of literature from the Classical world, including poetry, theatre, history, biography, philosophy, science, religion, medicine, education, oratory, and legal texts.

As well as complete or partial texts, the Loeb Classical Library also includes collections of known fragments from works that are otherwise lost, as well as anthologies of very short works (ie poems, dedications, epigrams) by unknown or unverified authors.

The Loeb Classical Library is far and away the most widely used source of translated classical literature in the world. Loeb’s English translations are generally accepted as the most authoritative for general use (ie anyone other than fluent and experienced linguists) in the study of classics

The Loeb Digital Classical Library was launched in 2014. It “presents an interconnected, fully searchable, perpetually growing, virtual library of all that is important in Greek and Latin literature”.

The Digital Library contains every Loeb volume in print, including biannual additions. The Digital Loeb Library retains the bilingual format of the print editions, Latin or Greek on the verso, English on the recto. It is presented in a facsimile version of the printed edition, complete with page numbers, page headings and verse numbers.

It enables users to browse works by author, language, period, form, genre and subject, and searching can be done in Greek and Latin. Content can be bookmarked, organised and annotated. Notes and reading lists can be created and shared.


— Michael Affleck, Learning & Teaching Services Librarian

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