Think. Check. Attend. Your guide to avoiding predatory conferences

As an academic, you have probably received many invitation emails asking you to attend conferences. When you come across these emails, you may ask yourself: how do I know if this conference is legitimate? Maybe it is just a spam invitation seeking to collect registration fees for a conference that doesn’t exist, or maybe it is the real thing? How do you even differentiate between an authentic conference and a fraudulent one? Is there any guidance on how to figure this out?

Think. Check. Attend. is an initiative designed to act as a tool to help with these decisions and to support you to select only trustworthy and authentic conferences. The initiative is aimed at a wide range of stakeholders in the scholarly community; researchers, librarians, funders and publishers, to help them understand what constitutes a predatory conference and how to avoid them. In 2017, I wrote the guidelines for the initiative, which has subsequently been adopted by Knowledge E and is recognised as a sister initiative to Think. Check. Submit. In brief, the initiative provides a checklist of questions to ask yourself before attending a conference based on these three points, Think. Check. Attend.

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