tUNEup from home 2019

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If you would like assistance with academic writing, referencing, study skills, and online learning then these sessions are for you!

Two tUNEup from home courses will run in early 2019:

  • tUNEup(1) 21 January-1 February 2019 
  • tUNEup(2) 11 February-22 February 2019 (repeat) 

Student comments:

“I have never written academically before, so this has been an excellent resource. Learning how to reference, fine tuning my grammar, how to use Moodle etc. are all brilliant refreshers before I start my first course.”

“The resources offered are so helpful. The first time I did the tune-up course I had not done any university work. I learned a lot, but I had no way to put it into context. Now I have completed a few units, I can see where my weaknesses are, and this (second go of) tune-up has helped me enormously in seeing where I am challenged with some great ideas about how to address those problems. “

To register:

tUNEup(1) 21 January-1 February 2019  

tUNEup(2) 11 February-22 February 2019 (repeat) 

If you have any questions about tUNEup, please contact the Academic Skills Office below:

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