Choose your own adventure: Academic Publishing

Want to publish your research but are not sure where to begin?

Starting out in academic publishing can be quite overwhelming. To assist post-graduate students and early career researchers who may still be unsure of what they need to know and resources available to them I have created a ‘choose your own adventure’ book on Academic Publishing.


This is a self-paced adventure that will get you thinking about what is involved in publishing your research, questions to ask, people to approach, and resources that you can use to help with the process.

To access the choose your own adventure book: CYOA_AcademicPublishing_2018-29901y5 (PDF document).

You may also wish to view the recording of this research support session or book a consultation with your research librarian (please email

-Eleanor Colla, Researcher Services Librarian

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  1. Jane Lally says:

    I love that the handout has a Creative Commons licence.

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