Author Profiles: which are right for you?

There are several author profiles out there for researchers, all offering slightly different services. It is very common for researchers to have several author profiles. But which are the best for you and your research?

Here’s a look at the most common four:


UNE Library strongly recommend having an ORCiD (Open Researcher and Contributor ID). ORCiDs are a way to record all of your work regardless of where it is indexed. You are able to import your works to/from Research UNE, you can attach your ORCiD to your UNE signature, and you can pre-load your works from ORCiD to ARC grant forms.

Google Scholar Profile

Google Scholar indexes a broad range of content from databases, repositories, government reports, patents, general websites, and more. Having a Google Scholar Profile helps you manage this content. It can also be used in Harzing’s Publish or Perish software programme.

Scopus AuthorID

Automatically assigned, the Scopus AuthorID groups your publications that are indexed in Scopus together with metrics information. It is important to check that your Scopus AuthorID is up to date and displays the correct institution and prefered author name.


You can register for a Publons ID and this will collect all of your works indexed in Web of Science. Publons also allows you to track the peer reviewing work you do. This allows easier searching by author name as well as metrics information on your indexed works.

Contact your Research Librarian if you would like assistance in creating, cleaning, and connecting your Author Profiles.

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