Borrowing from Home

Borrowing from the University Library these days is like 21st Century shopping.

  • You can walk into Dixson or the Law Library and choose what you want. You can even use the self-serve checkout machine if you want to.
  • If you live too far away, we can post you books, and we’ll include a pre-paid return and a tracking label.
  • You can browse our physical collection by using the Virtual Browse tab, to the right of the Get It and Details tabs in a physical item’s record in ‘Search’.
  • Perhaps you’d like to browse one of our large eBook collections, such as ProQuest Ebook Central?
  • If you just need a chapter or an article, we can digitise and email it to off-campus students. You can even borrow in person from participating ULANZ libraries, if you happen to live near one of those.
  • You can use Chat or Ask A Librarian to have a subject-specialist librarian help you select something.

You can find out how to do all these things by looking at the Library’s webpage. Near the top of the screen you’ve find a menu beginning with a Home symbol. Under Find you’ll see how you can locate particular categories of items, such as Theses, videos or past exam papers. Have a look at the Borrowing menu to find out how long you can keep items, borrow from another university library or how to have something sent to you. The Services menu will give you ideas on some of the services you might not have known we offer. On the right of our homepage are Ask A Librarian and Chat.

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