Introducing Lexis Advance

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Introducing Lexis Advance – the new legal research platform from Lexis Nexis.

The old platforms, Lexis Nexis AU and Lexis Legal, have been decommissioned to make way for Lexis Advance. You’ll notice the new interface looks more like a Google search bar rather than what you’re used to with the old Lexis platforms. Check out some tips and hints below for how to get the most out of the new platform.

    • All users are prompted to log-in to Lexis Advance with their UNE Username and Password, this allows each user to get a personalized experience on the Lexis Advance homepage. Your search History is saved for 90 days, you can create a Favorites list, and customize the Publications box to your most used resources.
    • Just like the old Lexis Nexis, there are a number of resources available to use and a few ways to access them depending on how you like to search. You can go directly to the Publications box on the homepage if you know exactly what you are looking for. You can also use the Browse menu at the top of the page to search for a publication, or within a particular jurisdiction.
    • One of the recommended ways to search Lexis Advance is to use the “big red search box” for all your searches. Type in your keywords, party names, case citation, or publication title and click search. When you are taken to the results screen you can further refine to content area (Cases, Legislation, Secondary Materials etc), or apply more filters to your search results (Jurisdiction, Court, Publication, etc). Post-search filtering is the recommended way to use the platform when researching.
    • To access international content, including some Australian materials, you will need to search the interface ‘ international and news content’ above the red search box. This content replaces what was the Lexis Legal platform. Clicking on this link will give you a list of countries, where you can further search for the content you’re after. 
    • Lexis Advance also comes with a comprehensive US Research database which you can switch to in the top left corner of the screen. Because we are in Australia, the default search screen is Lexis Advance Pacific Research.

If you need some help in navigating the platform, there are some short ‘bite sized’ videos on the Lexis Nexis Knowledge Network. These videos assist you to become familiar with the new search interface.

As always, if you are having any access issues to any of our databases you can report it via our online form.

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