The 24 Hours Before Your Exam

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Day Before the Exam

The 24 hours before your exam can make you feel anxious and nervous. Here are some tips to make exam day less stressful and over before you know it.

-Drink Water – It’s important to stay hydrated because your brain will perform more efficiently. Your body and brain need water. Don’t guzzle a huge amount before the exam or else you’ll be up and down going to the bathroom throughout the exam; it’s best to be sipping on water throughout the 24 hours will ensure that you’re well-hydrated.

-Get enough sleep – Staying up until 2am the night before the exam is not going to do you any favours. Make sure you get a solid eight hours sleep the night before.

 -Don’t cram the night before – if you don’t know already it, you’re probably not going to learn it before tomorrow. If you can’t help yourself have a skim over your notes. You should dedicate your whole night to relaxing and getting some sleep, so you can wake up refreshed and ready to go to tackle your exam.

-Make sure you clear out your pencil case, don’t take anything in your pockets and remove your smart watch. The last thing you want is to be accused of cheating.

-Arrive early – You should be arriving at least 30 minutes before your exam. You never know what could happen. Traffic could be slow moving, you might get lost, you may struggle to find a park or perhaps you’ll forget something and need to dash home quickly. You should plan for a little extra time for possible mishaps.

– Don’t drink the night before. – You definitely do not want to take your exam with a hangover. Save the alcohol for the celebrating once you’ve finished your exam block

-Eat a moderate sized meal before you go into an exam. If you have too small a meal your brain won’t function properly; too big of a meal and all you’ll want to do is have a nap. Have a balanced meal prior to your exam.

– Have everything ready the night before, especially if you have a morning exam. Have what you’re going to wear ready, the stationary you’ll need and your student ID. You don’t need any more stress so it’s best if you’re prepared.

– Be conscious of your outfit choices. Don’t wear anything constricting or that makes you feel uncomfortable. You’ll be doing your exam for at least an hour so wear something comfortable.

– Do you – Everyone’s got their own techniques, rituals and methods to prepare the day before exams and if they work for you that’s great! Do what makes you feel good and comfortable.

Good luck!

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